In our combined 50+ Years working in this wonderful industry of owning a Home Based Business, we learned there are no simple shortcuts to success. It is always a 3 to 5 year plan.

A major key to success is you must be a believer in the product you represent, plus have a solid company that has a laser focus on their mission. 

Next, you must be consistent in your daily activities in sharing what you have to offer, working with a TEAM and you follow the Team System, if they have one (Read Below).

 Through the years we have been Coached/Mentored by the best in the industry that help put us in the #1 earning spot of our previous company.  Unfortunately the company went down an unethical path and we left that income.  You can ask more questions about that when we do our "One On One" Training.

Before you can be successful, you must go to school and learn a few things.   Do you know anyone who is successful that didn’t have any form of training/schooling?

 First, we want you to learn from who we feel is one of the best in the industry, especially today when the FTC is cracking down on companies that don’t get customers and can prove it.   Click Here for the latest FTC rulings.  Then please read the FREE book “If My Products So Great, Why Can’t I Sell Them” from Kim Klaver and we highly recommend you join her educational Facebook Fan Page. Click Here   She has a wealth of great info there that can help you.

 After you read the book, get with one of us to start your “One on One Training” to learn our team system (See Below).   We have more suggestions of books to read, but Kim's is a great place to start.  Click Here

 Other links of Kim that can help  ..... Kim Klaver University Click Here

Kim Klaver

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